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Unfold blocks on the board. Cube Runner number 2 will not interfere with you. Or 2 – is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The purpose of the puzzle – to collect the number 262x. In the cubefield of accident appears Cube Runner number 2.

The action takes place every turn. The board is necessary to summarize the blocks with the same number. But remember Cube Runner number 2 will not let you do it. Cubes can move across the cubefield only in the horizontal and vertical and the line of tangency.
If the cube runner Room 2 is on the board next to another unit then the number is halved. Be careful and cautious. In this puzzle game can be played both adults and children. Be persistence and perseverance.
✧ new playing cubefield
✧ new gameplay
✧ For all ages
✧ Easy control of the game
✧ Cube Runner complicates the game
✧ Exciting board game
Be persistence and perseverance in the game. Good luck!

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Puzzle game Or 2.apk 17 MB

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